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How to use for best results

Open the jar carefully and stir thoroughly, the ingredients will separate after each use. Grab a generous amount of scrub and apply to moist skin. Massage the scrub at preferred pressure on areas of your body that needs attention - leave on for at least 5 min. Simply rinse away the scrub and pat dry with a towel. Your skin should feel smooth and hydrated, even after just one scrub.

Frequency of use is a personal preference and will vary per person. All Otavea scrubs are made to be gentle enough to use daily. Suggested use for super soft skin; 2-4 times per week.

*Use caution when in the tub or shower – the floor can get slippery

Shelf life & How to store

Because our products are all natural with no preservatives and fresh ingredients they offer best results if used within 3-4 months. Try to avoid getting excess water in your container as this can reduce the efficacy and shelf life. Stir products well before each use and close the lid tightly after each use.

Ingredients & Testing

Otavea body scrubs are all natural without any artificial preservatives, colors, additives, parabens, sulphates or phthalates. We hand-craft every single jar of scrumptiousness by starting with pure sugar cane for the base. Then we add our carefully created custom blend of organic, cold-pressed oils which may contain one or more of the following: soybean oil, grapeseed oil or safflower oil. We add additional natural ingredients like cocoa powder, brown sugar, ground robusta coffee beans, peppermint leaves and essential oils and strawberries. None of our ingredients use animal bi-products and we never test on animals. Each Otavea body scrub formula has been tested on ourselves, family & willing friends! We’ve made sure to test on all skin types, skin conditions and ages. We only offer the scrubs we all love it!

Who can use the scrubs?

All skin types can use any of our Otavea scrubs and each scrub has it’s own beneficial ingredients (see product description for more details). They are safe enough for the most sensitive and precious skin, children and during pregnancy. Although our scrubs are not made to eat, none of the ingredients would be harmful if accidentally ingested. It is recommended to keep all products out of the reach of unsupervised children or animals.

Allergies & sensitive skin

Before ordering or using Otavea scrubs for the first time, double check the list of ingredients we use for any known allergies. If unsure or extremely sensitive skin, we suggest doing a patch test on a small area of skin. All of Otavea body scrubs are nut-free.

Radiant skin & skin conditions

Always check with your doctor or dermatologist if you have specific questions any skin conditions. To see a reduction in the appearance of skin conditions try scrubbing several times a week on an ongoing basis. While we aren’t doctors or had our products medically tested/approved, we know about the success of our scrubs from our own experience and the stories we hear from YOU, our customers. Feel great while scrubbing knowing we are an all-natural product. If for some reason you develop an irritation from our scrub discontinue use immediately.

Buying & More

Shipping & Returns

At Otavea it’s all about customer service! Our average order processing time is 2 business days. If the product is out of stock, please allow additional time for shipping. Delivery via USPS is an average of 2-4 days for all US orders. International shipping will vary depending on your country and customs department rules & regulations. You will receive an email when your order ships out with complete tracking information. Unfortunately, we are not liable for any additional duties, taxes or surcharges that you may have to pay on delivery to your country. It is possible that a jar might leak or your package damaged during shipping – if this happens please contact customer service within 3 business days (customerservice@otavea.com) so we can assist you. In order to be considered for product replacement, please attach a picture of your damaged package. At Otavea it’s all about customer service! All sales are final and we are unable to accept returns on products since we can’t guarantee product the purity or resell them once they’ve been shipped. If your scrub is out of stock please allow 3-5 days for restocking.

Do you offer other products?

Not currently but stay tuned for any product developments!

Do you wholesale?

We are always open to new retail partners, salons and spas. If you own a retail location and would like to stock your shelves with Otavea please email us at sales@otavea.com

Public Relations

For all press releases, magazines, news articles and publication questions or inquiries please email us at pr@otavea.com