About Us

Our Story

Maintaining soft, healthy skin can be a challenge for anyone especially when you have sensitive skin. Having struggled with break-outs and product reactions Otavea co-founder, realized the need to develop a unisex all-natural skin care product which was missing from the market. After years of trial and error, our signature Otavea body scrubs were formulated and began to help others make their skin as good as they feel! What started as a hobby, sharing our all hand-crafted body scrubs with family and friends, has taken off worldwide! As a mother of 5 our co-founder knows the importance of having an exfoliant and truly all-natural skin care product available for all members in your household no matter their skin care needs.  


Our Approach

Most of us make conscious efforts for healthy lifestyle but what we often forget about is our skin. Everything that we apply to our skin is also absorbed into our body. This is why everything about OTAVEA is natural and comes from the earth. Our mission is simple: To make your skin LOOK as good as you FEEL when you scrub with Otavea. Our scrubs have a very simple 3 step process: Grab Me | Scrub Me | Rinse Me. These simple steps model how we believe Otavea is "simplicity at it’s finest – skin at it’s best”! We love to hear your stories and see your personal Otavea experience. We look forward to keeping skin smooth, one body at a time. With your help Otavea has reached around the globe in 2015! Continue to connect with us socially and share your selfies and product reviews so we can feature YOU on our website and social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more! 

Our Products

Otavea Body Scrubs gently remove dead skin while leaving you with a soft and renewed feel. All of our scrubs are hand-crafted with love and passion to offer the most amazing, all natural body scrub for any body and any skin type. We have formulated each jar to keep you soft and smooth with no lotion needed afterwards. Our ingredients come from the best sources available and do not contain any preservatives, additives or chemicals. We do not test on animals. We support local/small business and all our packaging is made in the USA.  Not a believer just yet, then put us to the test! We offer 2oz testers jars which are perfect for a one time scrub. We hope you love our products and look forward to hearing your stories and seeing your experience!