How our subscription boxes work.

1. Pick your favorite blends.

Based on your skin's needs, or whichever you want to smell more.

2. Pick your frequency.

Delivered to you either every month, or every other month.

3. Receive your package in days.

You can also change or cancel whenever with no hidden fees.

We’re not trying to replace your skincare routine.

We’re here to make it a little better.

We make natural scrubs that enhance the products you already use and still work great on their own. The ingredients are so clean, you could literally eat a jar for breakfast.

(We are legally required to say we don’t recommend that, though…)

We never test on animals and everything we use is always cruelty-free.

U.S. boxes ship for free, every time.

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How to use Otavea.

You probably already know how to use a body scrub. But here's just the process we say at Otavea...

1. Grab

Sometimes the oils in our scrubs can separate. (It’s not you, it’s us). So take the little spatula that comes with each jar, mix the scrub around, and scoop some onto your hand.

2. Scrub

On slightly damp skin, scrub gently until the sugar starts dissolving. Let the scrub sit on your skin for 3-5 minutes so it can soak up the benefits of those natural ingredients.

3. Rinse

Rinse away the scrub and pat dry. Your skin will feel baby-butt smooth and moisturized. We like to do this scrub after cleanser and before any serums you like to put on.

New to Otavea?

Subscribe to the scrubs and you'll get new member mystery gifts, plus a discount, because we're fun like that.

$10 Value

Mystery gifts included.

Enjoy your subscription with free gifts worth over $10. We'll pack it full of great goodies you'll love.

25% off

25% off your first two boxes.

Your subscription will be ship for FREE (for U.S. boxes), as well as 25% off for the first two orders.

Yeah, we've got fans.

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A few of our fan reviews.

Just some of our amazing community of customers.

Profile image for Jessica B

Jessica B -

This stuffed is amazing! I am very prone to breakouts so I've been on the hunt and spent sooooooo much money just trying to find things that help! These products really have helped reduce the breakouts, smooth my skin out and nourish it with the amazing oils!!! I will be forever reordering!!!!

Profile image for Heather B

Heather B -

I have always loved body scrubs, but this by far is my favorite! It is invigorating, and your skin feels amazing after! Try Otavea scrubs, and nothing else will ever compare!!

Profile image for Liana B

Liana B -

Tried this product and I will definitely be purchasing it again. It made my skin fell fresh and like I was 20 again. People complemented me on how shiny and hydrated my arms and legs looked. Just love it - thank you for making such great products at reasonable prices. Liana Boulay

Profile image for Lindsay G

Lindsay G -

I have eczema & have tried countless lotions & scrubs that have not helped. hero-body-scrub has been the only product I've found that helps keep my skin from getting overly dry & itchy.

Profile image for Kelly B

Kelly B -

Love this scrub when I feel like I really need a deeper clean like after a workout or skipping a shower day. Also this scent is mint chocolate which I didn't know when I ordered. The minty oils in this scrub really set into your skin and leave a wonderful cooling sensation behind which is so refreshing. Highly recommend this for men AND women.

Brands that love (ahem, sell) Otavea.

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