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Imagine a world where simplicity empowers true natural beauty.  Where skin meets soft. That’s the aspiration of our brand. That a simple formula of all organic sugars and essentials oils can transform skin in 3 simple steps, easy enough for any routine, long lasting enough for soft, healthy glowing skin



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I have eczema & have tried countless lotions & scrubs that have not helped. Hero has been the only product I've found that helps keep my skin from getting overly dry & itchy

Lindsay G.

This feels, smells, and works amazing. My acne is pretty much gone just after a few days of using this!

Alexandra S.

This stuffed is amazing! I am very prone to breakouts so I've been on the hunt and spent sooooooo much money just trying to find things that help! These products really have helped reduce the breakouts, smooth my skin out and nourish it with the amazing oils!!! I will be forever reordering!!!!

Jessica B.

Love - Love !!! these Otavea Scrubs for the Body and Face. I am 62 and I use them on my face and body and people always compliment me on how fresh my face and the rest of my body look for my age. Exfoliating your skin is so important so that the moisturising products you use actually get into the skin and do their job. These comes highly recommended by me. Liana Boulay

Liana B.

I have always loved body scrubs, but this by far is my favorite! It is invigorating, and your skin feels amazing after! Try Otavea scrubs, and nothing else will ever compare!!

Heather B.

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